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Home in Julian

Julian’s Housing Trend

Do you know your neighbors? There is a good chance you don’t know as many as you once may have. According to San Diego County tax records, most homes sold during 2017 in the 92036 and 92070 areas are NOT …

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Real Estate Home Seller Tip

Sage Real Estate Seller Tips

Selling your home is easy…. so they say. Don’t believe me? Actually it is. There are only 3 things involved in selling a home. Price, Presentation and Emotion. In Sage Real Estate Seller Tips, we look at all three. …

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house hunting

Real Estate Buyer FAQ

Buying a home is a 3-part process. It involves researching loans, having a good real estate buyer agent and finding the right home for you. A good place to start is with a lender or with a good agent who can …

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7 Steps to Win Against Competing Buyers and 7 Actions a Buyer Must Never Do!

So you’ve found your perfect home, you should have your lender in place, and your loan pre-qualified and ready to go. You’re excited, and you can’t wait to close and move in, …

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Should Sellers Complete Home, Termite and Other Inspections Prior to Listing a Home?

Should sellers complete inspections prior to putting a home on the market? There are certainly pros and cons in answering this question. It is becoming increasingly more …

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listing agreement

Choosing Your Listing Agent

Once you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home, choosing your real estate agent can be a daunting task. Sure, Uncle Harry may be an agent, but maybe he’s not quite who you want. You need an agent who knows your area, not just the street name or …

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Lifestyle Blogs

The Dogs of Julian

Dogs and Julian have a way of being together. Sage Real Estate Co pays tribute to the Dogs of Julian we encounter, whether residents or visitors. We hope you enjoy this page as much as we do!

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Going down the drain

Don’t Let Your Septic System Go Down the Drain

If you live in the back country, chances are you have a septic system. But what do you really know about the system?

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Water drop on leaf

Clean Green

Life in the San Diego Backcountry has many perks, challenges and common factors that seldom exist in the city. One of the most common factors of Backcountry living is the septic system. Whatever liquid …

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The Julian Sage Newsletters


The Julian Sage

Special Edition 2022, Vol.9

Stoneapple Farm, Dorsa O’Dell
Featured Business: The Julian Bookhouse


The Julian Sage

Spring 2022, Vol.8

Julian Resources, The Julian Pioneer Museum, Median Home List/Sold Prices 2000 to 2021
Volunteer Spotlight: David Lewis
Featured Business: Manzanita Supply
In Your Backyard: Warner-Carrillo Ranch House

The Julian Sage

Aug. 2019, Vol.7

Dark Skies, Julian Dark Sky Network, Julian Real Estate Agents Get Better Results,
Volunteer Spotlight: Bobbi Zane
Featured Business: Julian Fitness Center
In Your Backyard: Palomar Observatory

Julian Daffodil

The Julian Sage

Feb. 2019, Vol.6

Daffodils, Community Heritage Foundation, 2018 Statistics and Julian Homes Sold in 2018
Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Snipes
Featured Business: Flowers by Lani

Julian Apple

The Julian Sage

Nov. 2018, Vol.5

Julian Apple Growers Association, Julian Apples, Local Housing Market Trend
Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Jarman
Featured Business: Julian Art Guild & Gallery


The Julian Sage

June 2018, Vol.4

Julian FFA, Agriculture, Pinecrest Pool, Julian Summer Activities
Volunteer Spotlight: Adele Delgado
Featured Business: Crow And Lilac

The Julian Sage

Feb. 2018, Vol.3

Quilts, Housing Trends, Quilts N More, and Julian Homes Sold in 2017
Volunteer Spotlight: Evelyn Goldschmidt
Featured Business: Country Gold and Hardware

Julian Sunflower

The Julian Sage

Fall 2017, Vol.2

Julian Volunteers, Defensible Space, Harvest Time, Places to Volunteer

Julian Living and Events Blogs

Winterizing A Julian Home

Make a check list to use every time you close up your house for more than a couple of days. The process will become fast and efficient and nothing will be overlooked. Here are some things to include on the list.

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Julian Daffodil Show

Sage Real Estate Co. is really enthused about Julian and the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy. One of my all time favorite events is the Daffodil Show. In 1990 one of Julian’s most delightful people, Sally Snipes, …

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Julian 4th of July: Make it a Day!

One of the things that makes small towns so special is the way they celebrate holidays. Julian is unique in Southern California for great holiday festivities. This 4th of July is not exception …

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Sip Of Julian

Would you like to come to Julian to kick back and relax? A great way to get to know Julian and some of the wonderful adult only liquid libation …

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Why Dave Baker Moved to Julian

We used to live in Escondido and would come up to Julian every weekend to go hiking.   One day we were having breakfast at a local restaurant and decided, “We really love it here.  Why don’t we move here?”  We drove around …

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