Why Dave Baker Moved to Julian

Why Dave Baker Moved to Julian

We used to live in Escondido and would come up to Julian every weekend to go hiking.   One day we were having breakfast at a local restaurant and decided, “We really love it here.  Why don’t we move here?”  We drove around and found a rental that afternoon and put down a deposit.  We tried to keep the kids in their same school in Escondido.   That was a mistake – that lasted about a month.  After that we enrolled them in school in Julian.

I had to drive down the hill for most of my work back then.  Now all of my work is up here.  I found a way to make it work.

I knew we made the right decision when we were standing on the porch one night – the stars were just blazing across the sky!  It was so quiet.  In the city it’s too bright to see the stars.


Dave Baker

Owner – DLR Builders

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